Under 65 Health Insurance

Our Turn-Key

AutoMatic Insurance Services, Inc solution provides a turnkey alternative to standard individual health plans. Automatic Insurance combines the insurance carrier’s premium with outside expenses into one fixed, monthly payment, making budgeting for their healthcare – well, AutoMatic. Having a fixed monthly payment helps users control the unpredictable costs of standard plans because these expenses have already been factored in. No more worries about the upfront cost for doctors’ visits or diagnostic tests, allowing you to deal with your real concern which is your health. Even more exciting, early diagnosis normally means a great prognosis and hopefully saving lives.

We Are Health Insurance Engineers

We have one of a kind plan designs you can't buy from other agencies providing even more comprehensive coverage for less money:

  • Obama Alternatives for clients that make too much to get subsidy.

  • Hassles and headaches of applying and answering the questions

  • Companies for under 65. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, Coventry, Cigna, Celtic Ambetter, Health Alliance, Philadelphia American, AIG, and more.

Automatic Insurance helps users not only prepare for unexpected healthcare costs, but potentially helps them save for their retirement. AI deposits a portion of the monthly payment into a user owned savings account providing the incentive to use their insurance judiciously, plus an opportunity to save a ton of money. The balance, after claims are paid out, rolls over towards next year's health budget. However, if a user stays relatively healthy, they may use the excess money saved over the years, towards their retirement at age 65. What standard health insurance plan has that? NONE! Automatic Insurance’s primary goal is make the use of healthcare plans virtually painless.


Since 2005, Compass Professional Health Services has challenged everyday people to take an active role in their healthcare experience. We believe that patients are truly the change agents for building a healthcare system that operates efficiently, transparently and with high quality care at the center of everything. At Compass, it’s our mission to empower you to speak up about what’s right for you and your family when it comes to your healthcare. Better care, lower costs, happier patients – it’s what we mean when we say, “Healthcare Redefined.”


Healthcare can cause anxiety and frustration. This truth is not just factored into why we exist, but also into how we hire the team that supports you and your family. At Compass Professional Health Services, we believe that first class technology has to be partnered with friendly expertise of real people to create a simpler, smarter healthcare experience. You should expect more from healthcare, and now you can have it! Compass Health Pro® consultants are at the center of that reality. Here is their story.