How Compass Benefits Me

Compass Health Professionals is a benefit normally only offered to large employers, but because of Automatic's individual client base, Compass treated Automatic Insurance as an employer.  We now are proud to say we offer Compass to all individual health customers. Compass provides a lawyer like insurance policy against overpaying out of pocket costs. It's your own personal healthcare concierge service.

Compass Benefits Summary

*Price Transparency. Did you know that one MRI can be $2500 more than one next door and both facilities be in your network? You can still pick the facility you want, but with higher deductibles of today,  being an educated consumer can drastically affect out of pocket costs.

*Providing help finding hospitals and doctors (commonly called Providers) that are in-network.

*Doctor accreditation. Do they have filed complaints? Are they board certified?

*Locate the lowest prescription drug cost in your area.

*Do I pay this or not?  Medical bills are mind-boggling. Let Compass sort this out so you can get back to your passion or business. 

Compass catches Mistakes Providers & Insurance Companies Commonly Make saving you hundreds and even likely thousands of dollars.

*Primary care, anesthesiologist, surgeon, hospital, lab testing facilities, and the list goes on. It's almost endless. Keeping track is a full time job.  Let Compass sort out all these different providers that are billing you.

How Would The Average Person Know?  This Is Where Compass Comes To The Rescue

*Providers can bill even if it's still being processed at the insurance company. Some people just     pay when it's really not owed.

*Providers sometimes bill for services never rendered or double bill.
*Providers may put in the wrong diagnosis code.
*Insurance Companies can consider something out of network when it should be in network. 

*Insurance often request records and other paperwork.  Someone has to stay on top of them.  That someone is Compass Health Professionals.

Real Claim Example

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How Automatic & Compass Solve These Problems Together: 
Let the Automatic/Compass team sort out all these bills so you can get back to your business - It's an insurance policy against overpaying medical bills.