Who Is Compass?


Since 2005, Compass Professional Health Services has challenged everyday people to take an active role in their healthcare experience. We believe that patients are truly the change agents for building a healthcare system that operates efficiently, transparently and with high quality care at the center of everything. At Compass, it’s our mission to empower you to speak up about what’s right for you and your family when it comes to your healthcare. Better care, lower costs, happier patients – it’s what we mean when we say, “Healthcare Redefined.”


Healthcare can cause anxiety and frustration. This truth is not just factored into why we exist, but also into how we hire the team that supports you and your family. At Compass Professional Health Services, we believe that first class technology has to be partnered with friendly expertise of real people to create a simpler, smarter healthcare experience. You should expect more from healthcare, and now you can have it! Compass Health Pro® consultants are at the center of that reality. Here is their story.